Metal Signs are an outdoor, permanent way to display the information you want to get across.  Examples:  Trail signs, Parking signs, Trespassing signs even Business display signs.  All signs come with anti-graffiti lamination for those pesky Taggers.

  • Standard signs are .080″ thick Aluminum with a 3/4″ radius rounded corner.

  • Call for bulk pricing or specialty projects.

  • QUANTITY: 1-24

    • 12″ X 18″ SIGN $55.00 Each

    • 18″ X 24″ SIGN $80.00 Each

  • QUANTITY: 25+

    • 12″ X 18″ SIGN $45.00 Each

    • 18″ X 24″ SIGN $70.00 Each


Please supply art via email or on disc.
Acceptable formats:
1. Illustrator .ai CS6 or below
(Must have FONTS outlined)
2. Photoshop .psd, .jpg, .tif, .eps
(Created at 300 dpi or higher, colors in layers)
If you use images that you pulled off the internet they will not work well.

Art / Computer Fees: $65.00 per hour. (Min. 1/2 hr.)