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Located inside the Broprints Screen Printing warehouse at 131 Center street a few block from downtown Santa Cruz, CA.

Quite a few years ago a few of the employees and other local artist friends would get together most Wednesdays to utilize the space after hours.  With all the equipment at hand we would get to experiment with different printing techniques and have the room to generate our own custom art.  Now years later we are bringing it back and opening up the space to showcase various artist’s work.  Ranging from prints, paintings, photographs and even ceramic pieces, we are shooting to have up to 5 shows through the summer starting with First Fridays in June.  The plan is to make it a party where friends and family as well as the public can hang out and enjoy the raw space and raw talent of Santa Cruz’s local artists.  Steering clear from the formal atmosphere of most gallery settings, we are trying to display and sell art that is affordable to the general public and also be able to showcase some higher ticket items.  The idea is to have fun and make it possible for everyone to leave with a piece of art of some sort.  We will also have food, drinks and music to keep it entertaining.  As of now (2-2-2020), this is in the infancy stage and we will be adding content to this website, posting times and dates of future exhibitions and posting pictures of some of the art to come.  We will also have featured artists with images and bios.

Please check back soon to see the status of FACTORY 131