Vinyl Cut Decals

These have the negative space “weeded” out so whatever surface you stick them to it will show through the decal.

Not to be confused with DIE-CUT stickers, VINYL CUT decals are single or multi color, 5-7 yrs outdoor vinyl. Works great for window SHOP HOURS, VEHICLE LOGOS for CONSTRUCTION companies or front WINDOW DISPLAYS.

  • Priced by the SQUARE INCH per decal.
  • Comes on APPLICATION BACKING material.MINIMUM $150 order *Call for details
  • Price may increase due to the complexity of decal and the amount of labor involved in weeding out the excess material.  All art subject to REVIEW.
  • Installation, if applicable is $75.00 per hour. On site install $100.00 min.
  • Specialty vinyl such as CHROME, REFLECTIVE, METALLICS is available, additional charges apply. Single color ONLY.
  • Vinyl colors are limited, inquire within for available color options.
  • Multi color options available.
  • Pantone color options available but not exact.

Small Size “Window” Decals

vinyl cut decals small layout
  • 7 year premium cast vinyl permanent self-sticking.
  • Price includes one standard color.
  • Simple designs recommended.
  • Maximum size not to exceed 3 1/2″ x 6″.
  • Minimum 5/16″ letters with 1/16″ stroke.
  • Minimum 3/64″ between letters.
  • No cut out areas less than 3/64″
  • Vinyl Color Change: No charge in multiples of 125.

Large Size Vinyl Cut Decals

vinyl cut decals large layout
  • Premasked for Easy Application.
  • 5-7 year calandered vinyl permanent self-sticking.
  • Price includes one standard color.
  • Multicolor printed on white vinyl.
  • Minimum 1/2″ letters with 1/8″ stroke.
  • Minimum 1/8″ cutout.
  • No cut out areas less than 3/64″.
  • Color Change in multiples of 4.