In order to print the highest quality graphic for you whether it is a t-shirt, sticker, banner or business card we will need the highest resolution art from you.  If you can only supply a low res image than that is how it will print.  Or click the link to have one of our highly trained artist from our in house Art Department create something for you. ART CHARGES ARE $75.00 PER HOUR. (Min. 1/2 hr.) Remember, if you pull something off the internet chances are it will be only 72 .dpi (dot’s per inch.  aka: crappy) Not to mention there are copyright laws you need to follow.  With that in mind please read the Art Requirements Below:

  • Best files – Illustrator vector based file with any FONTS created to outlines.  Formats:  .ai, .pdf, .eps
  • Photoshop files created at 300 .dpi with spot colors in layers.  If not in layers art charges may apply.  Formats: .psd, .tif, .eps, .jpg
  • Hand Drawn art will need to be scanned, cleaned and or re-created if necessary.  Art charges apply.
  • Schedule does book up from time to time and our artists get backed up so allow time within your order.

In house T-shirt inks are to the right.

Pantone # is close proximity.

  • Choose from the list for free ink colors.
  • Custom Pantone matching available for $10.00 per match.
  • Specialty inks available.  Inquire within.
  • Soft hand inks available.  Extra charge is applied to printing costs.
plastisol ink colors